C O R O N A : In her singing studio, Maria João uses all necessary measures - disinfection, ventilation and distance. If desired, Maria João teaches via Skype.

PIANO LESSONS, individually or in a group; from 6 years old

Number of lessons:
-weekly, 40 lessons per year
-every other week, 20 lessons per year

Location: Arnhem


When Maria João was 10 years old she took her first piano lessons and since then she has been passionate about music. She has been teaching piano since she was 17. Playing the piano became the basis of everything for her. This allowed her to learn to play the guitar and recorder as an autodidact. And eventually she became a singer. An instrument such as piano also plays a very important role for Maria João as a singer and singing teacher. She can accompany herself and her students on the piano.

Piano lessons from 6 years

Playing the piano is not easy. That's because the hands actually have to play differently and independently of each other against nature. This means that the brain must always be busy sending the correct information to the hands in order to indeed gain independence between both hands. Motor skills have always been associated with thinking. It has also been scientifically proven (“music makes smart”) that playing instruments improves brain development and can even increase IQ.
So it is good to learn piano or another instrument. At the same time, there are certain qualities that are also improved: patience, concentration. These are properties that are promoted during the lessons. It is advisable to practice at home every day to benefit the learning process. The process of learning to play an instrument, in this case the piano, gives a lot extra to the process of growth and development, not only musically but also in other personal areas such as emotional, physical, knowledge and social skills. And of course it is a lot of fun in itself to be able to play a difficult instrument well and beautifully. Making beautiful music, alone or with each other, is always possible when you play the piano. Unlike singing, you can only do the piano for yourself and with yourself. If you really want to grow in the solo game then it is ideal to take individual lessons. But you can also play the piano with others, for example as an accompanist or as a fellow musician in a chamber music ensemble. Then it would be ideal to also learn to play the piano in a group. In the lessons you can play existing pieces or even develop your own improvisation and your own compositions. Everything is possible. This is possible because the method by which I teach is determined by the wishes and personal characteristics of the students. There are several possibilities: reading from a sheet and / or playing by feeling and also accompanying certain songs with chords. The method and approach will be adapted to age and level.

Individual lesson

During the traditional piano lessons, a student receives individual lessons. You are then all alone with your instrument and the teacher. You then have plenty of room for your own development, and the technical and motor skills develop quickly. You get the hang of the game sooner. In the individual lesson, the student is given the opportunity to develop on a personal level. The lesson is mainly focused on solo playing.

Group lesson

Children are focused on each other. Especially children over 6 years old. By making music together and taking piano lessons in playing form, they can deepen themselves better. In a group they share their experiences, emotions, knowledge and wonder with each other more quickly. They do not feel alone and that can be very inspiring in contrast to the individual lesson. Rules of discipline such as being quiet while someone else plays the piano becomes very important. In this way they learn to listen and communicate better to each other.

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