Electronic data privacy statement

Information Retrieval & Storage

When accessing this website, the servers at the back automatically fetch general information about your visit. Among this information the type and version of your webbrowser, your operating system, your internet service provider-domain, your internetprovider-address and similar information. This data cannot reveal your identity, except for your IP-address, and this only on request via your internet serviceprovider.
This retrieved information is necessary to ensure communication between your webbrowser and the server that is hosting this site.
On the server-side, log-files are written that also contain this information. Our provider (STRATO AG, Germany) does not give this information to us, their customer, but instead hides the IP-addresses when sending us log-files.
The software used to operate this website has the possibility to recognize and store IP Addresses of our visitors. This function has been disabled for this website. Unencrypted data are never stored in our system and we have no technical means of circumventing this obfuscation later on.
All data such as your country, your operating system, your browser, and the time of access are not logged.

Registering with us

There is a possibility to register with us by means of the contact-page.
We ensure that the contact form is secure by using an SSL-certificate with our web-hosting.

Your Rights

Next to the technical information mentioned here before, no personal data is recorded by this website.
By using our service and this site, you accept this general statement as ‘Information’ within the meaning of the GDPR. You can still direct a request to us but any request to correct, erase, block or object to the storage of your personal data is ignored by the fact that there are no personal data of yours on this website saved.

Change to the Data Privacy Statement

The provider of this website retains the rights to improve his services. This Data Privacy Statement can be updated as well. As such, for each returning visit to our website, the Data Privacy Statement of that moment is in force and as such accepted by you.

Privacy declaration

Personal data that may be processed manually.

'Maria João Carmo Zang en Zo' can process personal data about you, because you use the contact page of 'Maria João Carmo Zang en Zo' and/or because you fill in a contact form on the website at mariajoaocarmo.com. provided. 'Maria João Carmo Zang en Zo' can process the following personal data:
- Your first and last name
- Your address details
- Your phone number
- Your email address

Why 'Maria João Carmo Zang en Zo' needs data

'Maria João Carmo Zang en Zo' processes your personal data in order to be able to contact you by telephone if you wish to do so or to approach you by e-mail if you are unexpectedly not available by telephone. In addition, 'Maria João Carmo Zang en Zo' can use your personal data in the context of executing an agreement concluded with you.

How long 'Maria João Carmo Zang en Zo' keeps data

'Maria João Carmo Zang en Zo' does not store your personal data longer than is strictly necessary to realize the purposes for which your data is collected.

Share with others

'Maria João Carmo Zang en Zo' never provides personal data to third parties.

(Date: December 15, 2021)